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Ripple Effect 22 will foster a heart of serving, giving, and helping through a Christian value centered mentorship and build a personal proficiency using proven skill improving project-based mentoring and out-of-school experiences. We will provide mentoring for adolescents from ages 12 to19, in the San Francisco Bay Area and then expand into 3 other cities in California. RE22 will continue to form strategic alliances and partnerships with schools, churches, other like-minded nonprofits, and businesses.

The individualized learning plan linked with our program curriculum is built on an established JUMP framework through the intake and interview process. Youth work with RE22 to find out or support what they believe is their “God-given” gift and be introduced to opportunities to learn how they can use it for good.

We will then match the youth to a mentor who works in the professional arena in which the youth’s gift coincides. It doesn’t matter if what the youth believes is their gift is correct or not, the point is to help them set goals and get on a constructive path which will inevitably lead them to what they are called to do and who they are called to be.


RE22 benefits our communities, our City, and our future. With so many children impacted negatively by homes torn by poverty, drugs, and disengagement by family members, with no support system and no supported direction for their life, programs like RE22 are ensuring that more of our future is caught before falling. In addition, due to deep seated historical racial, socioeconomic, calls, and cultural issues, many have given into the idea that there is nothing to be done.

RE22 believes that this is not true. Young people are looking to their peers for help, and for advice from the experienced. A lot of times they go to adults they respect, but even they do not always have the youth’ best interest at heart.

The result of this corrupt cycle of unintended mentorship is we see the blind leading the blind, and that never ends well. But through Ripple Effect 22, our “mentors”, people who have a heart to bless others with their time and effort, can be safe and secure support and guidance in these youth’s lives.

Providing more authentic, sincere, and relevant experiences to young people is a key element in helping youth understand that are important, and they have a purpose will make a huge difference to someone whose eyes are now open to endless opportunities, and possibilities. This new perspective will be the ripple that will affect not just their lives but their sphere of influence as well.

Ripple Effect 22 will portray God’s love through the most tangible way possible, our human hands, hearts and sharing experiences. We will help the youth who are searching for something greater than the status quo or counter-culture. We will foster and encourage them to live out and pursue their call in life through a curriculum tailored to the individual youth. Our goal is to help them work in their gifting, and use their gifting to walk out their purpose, and when they had established themselves in the arena they feel called to be in, we will encourage them to come back and give back, by mentoring other young person to do the same.

Our mission is to express to them that they are fearfully and wonderfully made. As a faith based organization, we want the love of God to radiate through each board member, staff, volunteer, and mentor to help transform these children’s hearts, minds, and actions.


The program creates a healthy and supported environment for youth and young adults to meet, build healthy faith-based relationships with peers and adult mentors, while exploring pre-employment, workforce training for both vocational/technical and professional class development in their communities. RE22 will build organizational and program capital through strategic and innovative partnerships and business ventures that support the youth and the mentors’ success.

We want to help as many, young people, their families, and their communities as possible with talents God has given them, and Ripple Effect 22 will do that. Creating and partnering with businesses in which the youth can utilize their abilities and skill sets for work experience, training, and financial means.


Our first mentee recruits and some mentors will come from local schools and churches in the San Francisco Bay Area that have confirmed support through linking of resources or letters of agreements to collaborate.

The staff, additional mentors and community volunteers are drawn from all professions, with a time commitment of two weeks of training, then once a week according to the schedules of both the mentors and mentees. Mentors, like our youth participants, will have a diversity of backgrounds and job experiences so that the youth can see broad examples, and find common bonds amongst them.

We seek and screen mentors that have a passion to cultivate a positive influence in the lives of others, a reputation above reproach, strong work ethic, consistent character, and most importantly a strong commitment to their relationship with God.

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Ripple Effect 22

Ripple Effect 22 is a faith-based, 501(c)(3) approved non-profit (EIN #811449619), youth-centered mentoring program, providing career focused, project-based mentorship that bridges the gap between uncertainty and discovering their God-given purpose.

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