Block to Block Team

“Breaking down barriers and enlightening minds and hearts to the purpose-filled possibilities that God has for each individual”.

Michelle “Chelle T” Turner

Co-Writer & Producer of “Restored Me”


Allan Chua

Producer of “Restored Me”

Craig Carlisle

Producer of “Restored Me”

Rodney Robinson

Chaplain for SF Juvenile Hall


Who We Are:
We are an outreach program to the men, women and youth in the correctional system. We are a subsidiary of Ripple Effect 22, a faith-based youth ministry. We get into these prison systems and juvenile correction systems through screening entertaining, Hollywood-quality, faith-driven movies.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to reach as many men and women in the correctional system through quality, Hollywood, faith-driven films. We want to create a bridge from the correctional facilities to the workplace through mentorship programs within the facilities. We will also be connecting those in the correctional facilities with Ripple Effect 22 and other programs outside of the system that will help further nurture the seed that has already been planted through the ministries inside the correctional facilities. We will work to give them access to the tools that will break cycles of destruction and help them to become all that God wants them to be. We will also work to inspire people to have a heart for those who have been ostracized for past mistakes, and give them an opportunity to make a difference in those lives.

Mission Statement:
Breaking down barriers and enlightening minds and hearts to the purpose-filled possibilities that God has for each individual.

What We Do: 
• We partner with churches and other like-minded organizations in order to screen movies in the prison and juvenile correction facilities.
• We will provide chaplains and other organizational volunteers with Biblically-centered curriculum based on the movies that are screened for men, women and juveniles in the correctional system.
• We will be using Ripple Effect 22’s professional development and mentorship curriculum for men, women and juveniles who are transitioning from correctional facilities and connecting with Ripple Effect 22 or another like-minded program.
• We curate partnerships between correctional facilities, churches, ministries, community
organizations, film production companies, and corporate professionals to assist people (and their families) who have been in correctional facilities.

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Ripple Effect 22

Ripple Effect 22 is a faith-based, 501(c)(3) approved non-profit (EIN #811449619), youth-centered mentoring program, providing career focused, project-based mentorship that bridges the gap between uncertainty and discovering their God-given purpose.

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