By Cecilia Maria Gonzalez

We are happy to say that our very first Ripple Effect 22 Orientation was a success. As the kids started to come in for the Student/Parent Orientation, we realized we didn’t have as big of a crowd as we had anticipated. There were 6 kids altogether, 3 boys and 3 girls. As we got started, Stefan gathered everyone into a circle and talked more about what Ripple Effect 22 is and what we can offer them. He even told his story about how having mentors in his life helped him reach his goal of playing professional baseball. A mother of 2 of the kids had enthusiasm and asked a lot of questions, which is appreciated as we take parental involvement in the program seriously. All of the kids were engaged in what Stefan was saying, and they all felt encouraged.

It was interesting how everything worked out as far as the special prizes. We had prepared 6 gift bags to be raffled off to the kids, and there were exactly 6 kids. We were also going to raffle off tickets for the Warrior’s game in February, and there were enough tickets for all the kids there to go. God worked everything out just the way it was supposed to be. Sometimes it’s good when our expectations are not met because it makes room for something better.

Next was the Mentor/Volunteer Orientation. Aside from our staff, about 20 people were in attendance. We gave a more detailed explanation of how the program would work, and the different capacities they could operate at. A lot of good questions were asked. Even though we were a little over time, the attendees stayed and wanted to know more about the goals of Ripple Effect 22.

The orientations were effective in helping everyone understand how we plan to Empower kids Into Purpose. The best part is the fact that every kid who was at the orientation is going to a Warrior’s game, and they are all going for the first time. The fact that they get to stand on the court with the Warrior’s during the national anthem means so much to them. We are excited about these kids already seeing their dreams become reality. If you would like to sponsor a kid to go to the Warrior’s game in February, please go to the donate button at the bottom of our home page: